Nabi 2 Tablet review 0 Nabi (2) 7″ Kids Tablet (8GB) Overall Score

Nabi (2) 7″ Kids Tablet (8GB)

Nabi 7″ Android Tablet (NABI2NV7A) 8GB Today I spent some time using the newest Nabi (2) 8GB 7″ tablet and have some great things to

June 30, 2013 Electronics
0 Shroomboom – Skylander Giants Overall Score

Shroomboom – Skylander Giants

"Shroomboom was most unfortunate to have been born in a pizza topping garden belonging to Kaos. Growing up among his fellow fungi, he knew it

June 04, 2013 Games
Apple iPod touch 4th generation black (8gb) 0 Apple iPod touch 5th Gen (16GB) Overall Score

Apple iPod touch 5th Gen (16GB)

Apple iPod touch 5th Generation Black (16 GB) It all started with an iPod touch. The touch is the entry point into people’s worlds, the

May 20, 2013 Electronics
Apple iPad 2nd Generation 0 Apple iPad 2 (16GB) Overall Score

Apple iPad 2 (16GB)

The same, only better The iPad 2 is thinner, faster, and includes two cameras, but otherwise, the iPad stays the same: size, price, capacity, and

April 08, 2013 Electronics
Nintendo DSi Review 0 Nintendo DSi Overall Score

Nintendo DSi

I really liked the DSi when I played it for the first time. It’s thinner and a bit wider than the older DS Lite, plus

March 20, 2013 Electronics
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