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I really liked the DSi when I played it for the first time. It’s thinner and a bit wider than the older DS Lite, plus it feels a bit more solid . The buttons are mostly the same, but they’re coated with a new texture, and both the D-Pad and XYAB face buttons are less mushy than the DS Lite. The Start and Select buttons are bigger and easier to press.

The screens are 17% bigger than the last DS, each measuring 3.25-inches across (up from 3-inches flat). You get two .3MP cameras (one facing front, one back) that take shots to internal memory or newly-supported SD cards. The biggest upgrade is that it now boasts an ARM9E CPU clocked at 133 MHz (in place of the original ARM9/66MHz) and has 16 MB of RAM. The game offering is pretty good with many of the best Nintendo games available for the DSi like the every popular Super Mario Bros. games and the Lego Ninjago lineup.